Look, a waffle mama… and I helped!

Have you just been itching to get into the kitchen and make some awesome waffles, baked goods and other good eats?  Do you love plating and running great food to super fun customers?  Do you need a job?

Well, well, well….  we have a solution.  EVOKE!

That’s right, we are looking for a kitchen folk to help continue our great food service.  From baking to plating and more, the right person could be you.

The ideal person for this job is someone that loves to create, cook and charm our customers with good looking and even better tasting food items.  We aren’t looking for Betty Crocker (but if you are her, please fill out an application, ASAP!) - just someone that wants to have a great time, knows their way around a kitchen, work in a crazy environment and help us stuff our friends each and every day with awesome food.

So, what do you get in return?  You get a fun place to work 20-30 hours per week (weekends required), great discounts on food / drink and retail items at EVOKE and a canvas to create awesome new things!  Pay will be determined upon interview.

Still interested?

Please swing by our shop in Downtown Edmond and pick up + fill out an application.  Return it to one of the baristas and we will review it.  If we think you could be a fit, we will give you a nudge and have you in for an interview.  Please be ready to “get your hands dirty” a bit on this interview and wow our crew with our cooking skills!

Cool. We look forward to reading your application!


4 months ago



A Community Drinking Place…

Hey, I’m Jason and one of the owners of EVOKE.

Bars - including ours - are community drinking places - open to all (or should be).  We allow anyone to use our space and be a part of what we are doing.  We have groups of all sizes, backgrounds, cultural influence and political leanings.  To us, that is what makes our place so great. 

As you may have noticed, we have lots of people shooting commercials and films at EVOKE: community action, documentary, religious, political, commercial, etc…  Some of these are local companies. Some of these are national companies.  We love our space and love that people want to use it!

We hoped it went without saying but we want to be clear.  Our brand does not hold any views other than community and coffee (and maybe craft beer, too!).  We love our regulars, our semi regulars and the people that walk through the front door for the first time. We love the conversations, the interactions and serving you.  

Please know that lots of folks use our building - that is why we built it. We are not expressing any views, beliefs or any thing else when people rent our building for projects or parties.  

We want to be your social coffee bar.  We want EVOKE to “evoke” that conversation, debate and a real good time with friends. That’s it.

So, cheers!

4 months ago



What’s Up With The WiFi?

**UPDATE! We are back online!  Thank you to our friends at Citizens Bank of Edmond for helping us get things cleared up (at least temp. while we get our hardware!  So, come, sip, talk (and get on Facebook!)**

For the next hand full of days, EVOKE will be without public / free wifi.

We know.  A coffee place without free wifi. This has been a battle for coffee bars for years and we had never planned to enter the ring on this one. However, today we made the decision to change how our free and public wifi is distributed.  There are several reasons why and we wanted to be sure we best communicated with you as we rebuild our network and get it back online and ready for you. Quickly, here are a few things we are addressing:

1. Illegal Downloads / Streaming: This is a big deal and something we do not want to be an issue at EVOKE or anywhere, really. 

2. Internet Security: We want to be sure that when you are hanging at EVOKE and using our free internet that you are protected.  It’s the least we can do for our paying coffee / beer drinkers!  We have had many folks using our networks from the parking lots and other areas around Downtown Edmond and it just isn’t what it was intended for.

3. Network Hogging: We provide this service free of charge in exchange for your purchase! We have had quite a few issues with folks watching full length movies, downloading very large files and other massive internet activity that bogs the system down and makes it hard for others to enjoy it.

So, we are working as fast as we can to get all of this fixed and back online. We know it will make many of you upset but we hope that our transparency in this matter will help smooth things over.

You will never have to pay more than the price of coffee and food to use WiFi at EVOKE. While we hope that you will come and enjoy our bar and the other folks that frequent our bar stools and chairs without computers from time to time, we also want to be the place you can come and get other stuff done as well.

We have a simple goal: We want to be your SOCIAL coffee bar!

Please bear with us. We are on it and will have a system that works great for all!

Thanks again

Jason Duncan

6 months ago



Now Hiring - Work at EVOKE!

At EVOKE - we like to keep things simple.  Great Coffee. Great People. Great Times.  We are looking for people to join us in helping make these things happen.  Interested?  Here is what we are looking for: 

**A person that cares about the details (all of them)

**A person that takes pride in every aspect of what they do

**A person that values hard work - even when it is dirty

**A person who can think creatively

**A person dedicated to working with a team and helping everyone get better at what they do

**A person that can have fun while also multitasking in a high paced food service environment

**A person who is ready to learn and continue to learn new skills

**A person who is looking for a long term place to call home

**A person that wants 30 - 35 hours per week

**A person who has availability at least 5 days per week from 1p - 8p (including weekends) 

Do you think you have what it takes?  Here are some simple instructions on how to apply.  Please follow these closely!  

1.  Please drop off a cover letter and resume at our shop in Downtown Edmond

2. Your cover letter should include a bit about yourself and your coffee story and how you can help EVOKE and the rest of our team achieve success

3. We will review each applicant and begin “pre-interview” phone calls.  Please note that we cannot response to all applicants.

Thanks for your interest!  We look forward to meeting you.

6 months ago



On The Bar: Our Current Espresso

What we love about coffee over here is that it changes all the time. New coffees, new roasters and fresh tasting goodness all the time.  Here is a bit from the bar about this quarter’s new offering from Ritual Coffee!

Seasonal Espresso: Hunters in the Snow 

Price per pull: $3 (served with bottle of QSoda)

Notes from the Roaster:  Hunters in the Snow is comprised of three South American coffees contributing in equal parts. The first two hail from the state of Minas Gerais in Brasil. A pulped natural Yellow Bourbon from the São Lourenço farm provides a chocolate syrup base while the mechanically washed Yellow Icatu from Afonso Maria Vinhal’s Recanto farm brings a clean, spun sugar sweetness. The last coffee is a returning favorite from Colombia. The Artunduaga brothers Fabio and Hector, along with their neighbor Omar Viveros, collaborate to create a coffee they call La Amistad. This coffee provides much of the fruited acidity to the espresso, with rose hip aromatics and flavors of dried apricot and Washington apple.

Coffees in Blend: 

  1. La Amistad - Omar Viveros, Hector and Fabio Artunduaga / Washed Caturra, Colombia, Castillo / Pitalito, Huila, Colombia
  2. Recanto -  Afonso Maria Vinhal /  Mechanically Washed Yellow Icatu / Patrocinio, Minas Gerais, Brasil
  3. São Lourenço - Mariana Meat and Potatoes/ Pulped Natural Yellow Bourbon / Varjão de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brasil

We are very excited about this new one and it is tasting super sweet as an espresso and cappuccino and holds up very nicely in our lattes. Come give it a sip and tell us what you think!

7 months ago