Taste it!

Or “cup it” as we like to say in the coffee world..  Our good friend Jason Dominy who works with other good friends, Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters shared an article recently from Serious Eats talking about coffee tasting and how to get better at it.  Now, this blog isn’t really a “link” blog but it seems that every now and then we should share with you some things that we are ready around EVOKE.

Tastebud Training: How To Become A Better Coffee Taster  gives several great tips on how to becoming a better coffee taster.  While cupping is typically done on a large table at a roasting facility or buying room, we think it is smart for any coffee person to give it a go.  At EVOKE, we try to cup as many of the new brew coffees that we get as possible.  It’s a way that our barista can “get to know” the coffee a bit better which then helps us talk about them with our coffee drinking friends when we are out at events (or maybe when you come in to the new shop space in downtown Edmond!).  Here are the types of things the article gives you to think about:

1. Sip Before Sugar

2. Practice Makes Perfect

3. The Nose Knows

4. Compare and Contrast

5. Quit Smoking

What we always tell each other when we beging cupping is that you taste what you taste.  There is really no “wrong” answer when we start to talk about the characteristics in the cup or what we get on the nose.  Many people say that all they smell or taste is coffee.  We have found that mainly it is because there were not enough coffees on the table!  Be sure when you are cupping coffees that you have several to compare to.


If you are in the OKC area, there is a public cupping that happens on Saturday’s at Coffee Slingers and also classy every so often at Elemental Coffee Roasters.  Be sure to check one or both of them out!

Anyway, check out the article and see what they have to say about the areas above! 


2 years ago


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