Taste it!

Or “cup it” as we like to say in the coffee world..  Our good friend Jason Dominy who works with other good friends, Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roasters shared an article recently from Serious Eats talking about coffee tasting and how to get better at it.  Now, this blog isn’t really a “link” blog but it seems that every now and then we should share with you some things that we are ready around EVOKE.

Tastebud Training: How To Become A Better Coffee Taster  gives several great tips on how to becoming a better coffee taster.  While cupping is typically done on a large table at a roasting facility or buying room, we think it is smart for any coffee person to give it a go.  At EVOKE, we try to cup as many of the new brew coffees that we get as possible.  It’s a way that our barista can “get to know” the coffee a bit better which then helps us talk about them with our coffee drinking friends when we are out at events (or maybe when you come in to the new shop space in downtown Edmond!).  Here are the types of things the article gives you to think about:

1. Sip Before Sugar

2. Practice Makes Perfect

3. The Nose Knows

4. Compare and Contrast

5. Quit Smoking

What we always tell each other when we beging cupping is that you taste what you taste.  There is really no “wrong” answer when we start to talk about the characteristics in the cup or what we get on the nose.  Many people say that all they smell or taste is coffee.  We have found that mainly it is because there were not enough coffees on the table!  Be sure when you are cupping coffees that you have several to compare to.


If you are in the OKC area, there is a public cupping that happens on Saturday’s at Coffee Slingers and also classy every so often at Elemental Coffee Roasters.  Be sure to check one or both of them out!

Anyway, check out the article and see what they have to say about the areas above! 


2 years ago



The Jason Dominy School on Iced Coffee

We took it.  We love it. We use it!  Here is a short, clever video from Batdorf and Bronson’s own brew master, Jason Dominy

Clever Iced Coffee. by jason dominy. from Jason Dominy on Vimeo.

This iced coffee option is available on your specialty coffee bar when you book with Cafe Evoke Catering.  It is part of our pour over add on and we are happy to make that happen for you!  We do offer an iced brewed coffee during the “warm” summer months and we’ll talk more about that process later on.

Enjoy the video and try it at home!  If you need help finding a clever dripper, scale or other brewing devise, leave a comment and we’ll get with ya!

3 years ago



Meet Clever..

We started using the Clever Dripper quite awhile ago and fell for it for sure.  In fact, we use it all the time still and still love every bright and clean cup it produces.  At one point last winter, we made the most cheesy and terribly produced HOW TO video around to tell our coffee friends who use us at their events how to make this great coffee at home.  Well, here it is…

Sorry about that.  We know it is hard to watch.  But seriously, if you are a home brewing folk and are tired of cleaning out your press pot or trying to get your home espresso machine to pull that perfect shot, this method might fit you perfectly!  

If you want to grab yourself one, you can get it all over the internet or locally through Elemental Coffee Roasters.

Ok, because we like you so much, here is a MUCH better video from one of our favorite blogs The Other Black Stuff.  (You will notice a few difference in method between ours and this video..  We were adjusting for the coffee we were using per the amount of water)

Abid Clever Coffee Dripper from David Walsh on Vimeo.

4 years ago



Coffee Education / Tamp It

It seems like we are seeing coffee hit mainstream media more and more each month which we love!  There is so much to coffee that we feel people miss out on - some of it is the knowledge that top level baristas have on this product and the time they put in to learning it and keeping it up and some of it is that deep taste and appreciation people find with wine, beer or other gourmet foods.

Imbibe Magazine, one of our favorites around here, talks about coffee quite a bit and we were yet again happy to see a bit about it on the site today!  They are talking about tamping - that thing you don’t see Starbucks folks doing but might have seen your local barista doing after they grind coffee into the portafilter.

But, it wasn’t just that story that got us excited.  The story is a discussion with our friends at Water Ave Coffee!

If you are a home barista or working in a shop, this little article of tamp tips will give you a quick overview of how tamping works and what to do!  

4 years ago



Enhance the Expirence


We love being able to be the ones to bring the coffee to your next event.

One of our favorite things about bringing coffee to your event is having the chance to take a few sips with you.  With our new pour over bar, you have the opportunity to offer your guests a range of different coffees: all brewed right in front of them and specifically for them.  

Coffee, like wine, can be drastically different from bean to bean.  Some will be fruity or floral in nature and some will be like heavy chocolate or molasses.  Either way, being able to see, smell and taste them side by side is a great experience for your guests.

We do like you to know that this bar is what we call the “slow bar”.  Coffee is intended to be sipped and enjoyed.  The interaction it takes to make each perfect cup can take a bit longer than having us pre-make a bunch of coffee that will sit around.  This process has several steps (simply put of course):

  1. Water is heated
  2. The exact amount of coffee (to the gram) is ground 
  3. The filter is rinsed and ready to hold the coffee
  4. Ground coffee is added
  5. The pour over begins and lasts about 1.5 minutes and 3 minutes
  6. As the water is poured through the ground coffee, it heads directly into your cup below

The result of all of this is a controlled and perfectly clean cup showing all the flavors the bean intended for you to enjoy.  Give us a call and we’d love to share this process with you.   With this bar, your guests will have something to do while they wait and their tongues will thank them for taking the time!

4 years ago